We suggest website creation for 'effectively communicating information to visitors.'We suggest website creation for 'effectively communicating information to visitors.'

Pensees Inc. is a website design company providing online PR solutions.

Our strengthsPensees online PR solutions: transforming your company's website into a media platform

Pensees online PR solutions: transforming your company's website into a media platform

Pensees means "thought."
Pensees Inc. was born as the production company for the News2u group,
providers of Net PR solutions.

A corporate website is expected to post all kinds of news on the Internet, and to provide the information that users need in an "immediate" and "easy to read" format.

And recently, a huge amount of information comes and goes, and users are forced to choose the right information. Quickly and reliably disseminating a company's information has become indispensable.

News2u Corporation operates the news release distribution service "News2u release" and has been advocating corporate direct information dissemination (Net PR) since the early days of the Internet.

And as the production company of the News2u group, Pensees has acquired know-how and achievements for years.

Distribution of direct and original news that is valuable to users beyond the traditional scope of web marketing and PR.

Pensees aims to produce websites that create harmony between the corporate assets of "news" and "age" by utilizing the "PR power" of News2u and our own independently developed "thinking skills and technological abilities."

ServiceOnline PR solutions by Pensees

Online PR solutions by Pensees

"News" solution provided by Pensees
Extensive experience and know-how cultivated since the dawn of the Internet.
In Pensees, we can help you create a website that functions effectively as your own media, doing the planning, designing,
building and operation support of the website from the perspective of corporate PR.

Web site planning / production / operation

  • Web consulting / data analysis
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Smartphone site production
  • Content planning and production
  • Multi-language site production
  • Original form construction
  • Coding that conforms to the Web Standard
  • Web site operational support
  • Web-house magazine
    We will promptly communicate the direction and vision of the enterprise to the entire company and, as an in-house PR tool, we will make an in-house newsletter.(house magazine)

    With Pensees Web In-house Update, your in-house newsletter can be a one-stop service to read about everything from planning and company structure to operations, easily and anywhere on desktop, tablet, smartphone or app.

CMS introduced / build / customize

Pensees is Six Apart KK ProNet partner members.
※ Six Apart, Movable Type is Six Aaprt, is a registered trademark of Ltd..

Web site construction specializing in the News

Owned Media Plus
Owned Media Plus is a service for automatically posting various news releases transmitted from News2u Release on your corporate website that plays the most important role as your owned medium. This service is provided by News2u Corporation, our group company.
A sign-up for the news release posting service "News2u Release" is required to use Owned Media Plus.

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Pensees Inc.
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November 2009
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Internet Solutions (planning, design, creation, marketing, PR, online PR)

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